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Dermist Cream

Dermist Cream to be applied twice a day immediately after shower / washing affected areas of Plaque Psoriasis with Dermist Shampoo. Dermist Cream will reduce new plaque formation, itchiness and redness caused by plaque psoriasis. In 1-2 weeks of application, Dermist cream reduces itchiness and can see visible difference in plaque formation.

Rs. 300/-

D - Stress

D-Stress is a 100% natural extract specially derived from selected bananas in a biotech process. One tablet of 250mg per day taken at bed time after dinner will provide you all the benefits of natural bananas for managing the stress and fatigue. Studies have shown that stress and psoriasis go hand in hand. Managing Stress indirectly manages psoriasis too.

Rs. 500/-

Dermist Shampoo

Appearance of plaques and continuous falling of plaques not only spoils the external appearance, but also causes severe psychological stress to the patients. Dermist Shampoo designed for daily usage for removing the scales in minutes while having shower.

Rs. 300/-